Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Yorkshire (11th-18th August 2013) - York

Last week, I went to Yorkshire (one of my favourite places in England) to visit some family and a friend and whilst there, I took several photos and videos, and I thought that I'd tell you about some of my favourite things to do around Yorkshire, as well as random things that made me laugh or that I saw there. Firstly, lets explore York! If you have visited York and have anything else to add, please comment!

The reason why I love York is because it is has markets, the history and the performers that you can sometimes find hanging around the area. During the summer, there is a small fair for children, there are occasionally buskers with exceptional talent and amazing performances outside the M&S building (near where the fair is held in Summer) that can leave your mouth agate.

A church near the Shambles and many of the shops
For example, St Margaret Clitherow (for more information on who she is, click this link - ) was once living in The Shambles (a street which is, to my knowledge, one of the oldest parts of York) and The Shambles is a very old, narrow and beautiful street within York, which dates back beyond the 1500s and consists of cobble roads, narrow pavements and historical buildings.
The Shambles
Within York, you will also be able to find many Catholic shops, ice cream/chocolate shops, high street shops and unique little shops that you've never heard of, or sell different things that you have never seen before, such as old fashioned sweet shops, unique gifts and clothing and accessories - for shoppers who prefer shopping in areas that have unusual objects or those who just prefer to go for a quick look around, York and the markets around The Shambles a brilliant place to visit, even briefly.
One final reason why I enjoy York is simply for the photography, as you might have guessed by the number of photos here and by the fact that my blog is called 'A photographer Kid'! If you spend 5 minutes walking around York, I am sure that you will find a hint of beauty. For example, I found the smallest things, such as the angles, the flowers and details beautiful and felt the need to photograph it. If you are a budding photographer, I am sure that you will find many things to take photos of, as there is no limit as to what you can find within the streets of York.

A Church near the main shops and a
smaller shopping area
A beautifully decorated pub

One of the small streets near
The Shambles

A small street within the main shopping
region in York
The view of another Church
(or Cathedral)  from the small
shopping area, containing Boots and Fenick

A bridge near one of the main car park
Part of the shopping area

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