Sunday, 18 August 2013

All the world's a stage...and this is the stage door!

Welcome to my new blog! As you can tell, I am a photographer and the daughter of a photographer, and I am also an author (trying to be!), singer, musician and also trying to be an actress. Here, I will try to blog regularly, about my photography, travels, events, weather, and other random and funny things like that!

For now, why not enjoy this photo of a minion in a grabber? I found him at a Harvester in Hull during my stay, and I found his face in the mirror VERY amusing. I love the minions, and when I saw this, I laughed for a good 5 minutes! Have any of you seen 'Despicable Me 2'? I adored it when I went with my  best friend, and we both found it hilarious and better than the first, as the storyline had a lot more to it and didn't feel too long to get to the main story.
I think Dave is in his own little world!

Anyway, I will blog when I have more time and I will upload some photos of my recent trips for your enjoyment. See you later, my friends! :D

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