Monday, 22 June 2015

RAF Centenary Parade - 22/06/15, Uxbridge

Today, RAF Northolt celebrated their centenary through having a parade march through Uxbridge from 10.50am. Although it was a rather rainy morning, I must admit it was a lovely experience!

I positioned myself outside of the Poundland on the Uxbridge High Street as I awaited the parade of 170 military personnel - the perfect position! The streets were filled with spectators as they waited for the parade. Unfortunately, the parade was only small, but seeing so many members of the military (along with hearing them perform) was incredible. I was only able to take around 30 photos (all of which will be edited and then uploaded to the Facebook page), which was a little disappointing.


keep an eye on our Facebook page, as there will be photo uploads of more events and more reports on events!

Monday, 15 June 2015

A little rant about GCSE education...


So, I am just finishing my last two exams and, looking back now, I can honestly say that there are a few things that bug me about education.

1. Multiple teachers

In my school, it is common to find many teachers that come and go. Some will stay for years, some will stay a few months, some will stay for a half term/full term. What is my issue with having multiple teachers is when it comes to GCSE level.

Many teachers have different teaching styles, paces they teach at and the depth they go into. Unfortunately, I find that this is not helpful. When having multiple teachers over 2 years to cover the GCSE course, you find that some will not cover everything in the curriculum, they may claim that 'other teachers taught you it earlier', or you may find that content is skipped as the teachers are changed. This honestly irritates GCSE students to no end. In my opinion, teachers should have to remain with the GCSE students they are given until the end of year 11 or at least until they finish a unit - I will not begin to tell you how frustrating it is to have teachers that leave when you are half way through a unit then have them leave, or have teachers that don't know how other teachers have taught us. I honestly believe that teachers who are willing to stay long term should have the GCSE classes and short-term teachers should have the younger years - it is the only way that GCSE students can have a fair chance of being successful in their exams in my opinion, just like how remaining in one house for a long period of time rather than moving house every 2 years can be better for the child to adjust and settle.

2. Lessons during the exam period

Whilst some schools have early study leave, other schools either have no or a later study leave - this means that the students must remain in school when not in exams until they are on study leave. Whilst some teachers are more than happy to allow students to revise the topics they need to for their next exam, others are not, In my experience, my geography teacher got angry when we asked to revise physics which was an exam straight after the lesson whilst the geography exam wasn't for two weeks. I understand all subjects must be revised, but it is no right or justified at all to prevent students from being able to revise for their next exam, especially when they express their worry, stress and fear for it. Surely it should be easier for all students to be on study leave to to be out of lessons and revise their subjects in other classes or outside? That would be the best way that they could revise with little interference from teachers...

3. The constant high expectations

Yes, I am in the top sets for the subjects (no, I don't understand why), but it irritates me how all the teachers expect us all to become doctors, lawyers or other high paying, high status jobs - I actually want to go into acting or teach drama. When I tell my teachers that, I always feel like I'm letting them down as many don't expect that from me or sound disappointed in me. Why must they always feel that we must all have the same high goals? Not all of us will want to. Not all of us feel called to. Not all of us feel able to. It doesn't help when teachers tell everyone to aim for a C or above and feel as if they must go to sixth form, college or university. Why must we? Not everyone will be able to or will want to. It only makes us more stressed to feel like there is nothing we can do if we fail to meet a C or don't feel able to go to a sixth form or university.

So. That's it! My rant is done! What things irritate you about GCSE education (or education in general)?

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hey guys...

I'm sorry I let the blog go a little, so much is going on that I have going on, but I will be ready with new posts soon from Comic Con, Belgium and more!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Stresses of life...

Being a teenager is no easy task nowadays - at 13/14, you are expected to know exactly what you want to do in later life, at 16 you are expected to get A*-C in all of your exams and go to university and beyond that, you are expected to know exactly what to do - how to do taxes, how to look for a good house, etc.

Sometimes, I honestly do wonder what makes people think that teenagers and children can cope with these stresses....

Monday, 9 February 2015

A year...

It's strange how much change over a year.

A year ago, I still had my brother.
A year ago, I was confident and excited to be coming to the final two years of compulsory education.
A year ago, I was happier.

I'm sorry for a sad post like this, I just wanted to post something to say why I've been away so long, and this was the only way I know how :(

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Hi guys,

Sorry for being away so long - I lost my brother on the 15th of May and have been finding it hard to come back. Now that summer is here and I have no school work, I can start to focus on this again :)

Being a blogger for 1 year is weird...

I have photos coming up some time today/this week so prepare for them!!!

Love you guys thanks for your patience <3

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Minor update..

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates, but GCSE French has become quite a nuisance and my exam is May 12th, the week of my Confirmation :( So, as you can see, my life has been hectic! Luckily, there will be a lot of new photos, such as from the marathon, another school trip and the Science Museum! :) I will update over my half term and hopefully I will have more to talk about too.

Whilst I'm on the topic of updates - do you guys know about my Youtube channel (Gamercrazygirl2468)? I might update it and change it, but that will take some time - any ideas on how i can change it? Xx