Friday, 24 January 2014

Hai guys!

So, a lot of updates for the last few months!! Lets start from November 2013...

November 28/29th
From September, we had been preparing a variety of musical performances, including 'I'd Do Anything', 'What is This Feeling?' and 'America', for my school's first showcase and we performed on the 28th and 29th of November. Also, my friendship with a majority of my mates improved dramatically (see what I did there lol) and, due to it, I talk to them a lot more, especially my best mate Christina :) The 29th of November was also the date when I did the best thing that I will never regret - I asked my best friend out after the showcase :) and I must admit I will never forget the conversations we have, the day I asked him out, nor every day since.

Did any of you watch the Doctor Who episode?! I loved it!! Plus, I got:

*Nokia Lumia 520
*1D perfume, album and film
*Phantom of the Opera music
*Shrek the Musical film
*Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
*Farming Simulator

New Year to now
Okay, end of fangirl moment, haha

So, from the start of the year till now, life has been good. I've had my GCSE mocks (I got B's in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, an A in English and a C in both the higher and foundation reading, an E in the foundation listening and a C in the higher listening), I'm still with my boyfriend, I've had a lot more opportunities in school to improve my photography, I've begun to write and draw more, I talk to my mates more and I feel the happiest I have ever been in y life :D On the other hand, I have also had quite a few moments where I have felt incredibly down, especially this past week or two - it might just be mood swings due to stress, but I still don't know :(

So thats it, pretty much!! How has life been for you guys?

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