Friday, 20 September 2013

The Funny Things In Life...

Have you ever seen something that caught your eye, that makes you laugh a little? It's moments like those that I love the most, where there is a badly positioned or badly designed thing that makes me laugh, especially due to my weird view in things. During the summer holidays, I found a lot of things like that, and I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to photograph them and share them with you!

 When my mum and I went into town, we had to go to a card shop and, when we were leaving, I saw this card at the corner of my eye and thought I misread it. Upon re-reading the card, I realised that it was a card for a 50th birthday, but, due to where the card behind was placed, my mind decided to read it as a card for a 500th birthday (yeah, because everyone lives to 500 (-_-)), haha. Would have made my day if there was a nearby card that read "Holy crap, you're old! O.O"

My dad and I were shopping and we were looking and the DVDs and music and my dad picked this up and said, "How bad of a placement is this?" He then showed me the CD and I laughed my head off. By the way, this is supposed to say "Trucking Songs" and it is by Eddie Stobart, but my dad and I severely misread it...

Ok, so my mum, grandparents and I went into ASDA and we went into the desert section when I noticed this little fella all alone by one of the deserts and I just had to take a photo, especially as it was in an unusual place in the first place...
Why would anyone leave a Smurf in ASDA anyway? :s Haha
I just remembered....I let him like this too... I wonder who noticed XD

Following the Smurf incident, we went to the vegetable section and, by the mushrooms, was a conveniently placed Pepsi bottle. I didn't move it, and immediately, my mind yelled, "I see better by this....I'M WATCHING YOU.." Ok, that didn't creep me out...STOP STARING AT ME YOU CREEPY WEIRDO!!!

 This is my absolute favourite because, as I went into a restaurant/pub with my mum and grandparents, I turned my head to see, staring at me, a high minion from my favourite film, Despicable Me 2. When I saw this, I just had to take a photo and I could not stop laughing as we got into the car to leave. I don't think I'm over it now... *starts to giggle*

Finally, whilst in York, we passed a shop where there was a gothic Hello Kitty in the middle of the display, looking at me as if it was an ordinary doll. Since taking the photo, I have noticed that the Hello Kitty doll next to it is facing away and there is a small horse on the shelf below looking as if it is scared beyond anything and is hoping that the gothic Hello Kitty will not notice it. Well, I have something to tell Gothic Kitty - *Ahem* - "Goth Kitty, Death Kitty, Little Ball of hate! Dress-Black Kitty, Love-Black Kitty, Death, Goth, Death..." :P

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post - sorry it took so long, I couldn't complete it all at once, so had to do it in sections. Hopefully, the next blog post won't take as long to publish! I believe that there were some new videos as of two weeks ago on my channel, and I'm thinking of starting a facebook page for this blog, so please share your thoughts through the comments! Bye guys! x